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Sigma Terminal is the world's first fully integrated search and monitoring platform for counterparty risk management.


Built by and for Industry Experts

Know your risk. Sigma Terminal is a software platform that allows users to source dynamic risk data on entities around the world.


Best in Class Country Risk

The world of risk changes daily. Existing solutions are infrequently updated, use outdated modeling techniques, and lack alerting to important changes. Sigma Terminal incorporates scoring, benchmarking and dynamic data to ensure that you stay ahead on the issues and risks that matter most to you. 

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Sigma Process

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    Automatically tap into real-time news and over 100+ data sources.

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    Search and monitor any company directly from Terminal today and everyday going forward.

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    Leverage Sigma’s proprietary algorithms to target companies, flag risks and map relationships in real-time.

Compliance, Credit and Sales Teams Utilize Sigma

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    Investors, compliance experts and regulators utilize Sigma Terminal to keep up to date with any entity of interest, including private and foreign companies.

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    We’ve done all of the up-front work to make it easy and seamless to search a company and identify any publicly available risk flags in real time.

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    Identify potential clients, track competitors and directly compare companies via Sigma Terminal

Harness the Power of Sigma Terminal Today

  • Gain an Edge

    Discover unknown relationships and gain proprietary risk insight through Sigma Terminal.

  • Empower Organizations

    A powerful tool that front-line and second-line teams can both cost-effectively use to manage risk.

  • Save Time

    50X faster than traditional approaches and 80% less expensive than legacy data providers.

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