How it Works

Sigma Open Search provides single point of entry, multi-variable screening access to thousands of commonly used risk and adverse media data sets. Shifting to Sigma’s web based, consolidated data screening capabilities drives efficiencies within teams by reducing time spent gathering information and enabling analysts to focus on confident decision making.

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Customized Search

Sigma users can elect to include multiple variables & hand select data sets to screen for each search. Using Sigma’s proprietary matching capabilities and match review user interface, users can confidently interpret results from Sigma’s available data sets and can layer 
in additional results for use in their analysis.

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Aggregated Data

Granular data insights are then aggregated into common areas of risk, Sigma Open Search also screens publicly available data for commonly used data points such as: relevant news, line of business, web presence, headquarter, subsidiary, and trade partner operating location, and executive team and board member details.

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Generated Reports

Data is then easily extracted in a timestamped report that can then be generated on the fly as supporting evidence.

The Benefits Include:


Make decisions faster based
on credible data


Reduce time spent by analyst
teams manually gathering data by up to 75%


Identification of key risks in
a matter of seconds

Our Data Sources Include:


Corporate Registries


Trade Data


PEP’s & Sanctions


Proprietary Data




and more!

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