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Sigma Country Risk data provides a new, more comprehensive risk-factor based view into over 260 countries and territories. By leveraging proprietary risk-factors, Sigma provides a modern solution to access up-to-date country risk information and data that can be used for KYC/onboarding, investigations, or AML oversight.


360° Contextualized Insights

As the scale and sophistication of financial crime increases so must your understanding of it. It’s time to take advantage of a more holistic view of non-financial risk, that not only considers the entity itself and its associations but the overarching jurisdictional risk.

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Country risk is determined from leading industry bodies and indexes including:

  • Financial Action Task Force
  • UN Financial Data
  • US State Department
  • CIA Database
  • World Bank Database
  • Transparency International Corruption Index
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Each country rating includes a topline percentile rank as well as a separate score for the each of the following sub-categories:

  • Financial Crime
  • Regulation
  • Geopolitical
  • Corruption

The Sigma Advantage

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