Shift from legacy periodic reviews to proactive, ongoing monitoring

Deploying Sigma allows you to manage your potential and existing business relationships with proactive, ongoing monitoring. Using Sigma risk intelligence data, obtain personalized, real-time notifications to keep your compliance and client facing teams ahead of risk, with alerts for financial crime, regulatory actions, crucial news, and other must-know developments.

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Personalize your alerts

Personalize your alerts to effortlessly keep a pulse on all relevant developments as they unfold

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Be notified instantly

Receive alerts when the risk of your relationship changes, based on updates to key datasets such as watchlists, regulatory actions, corporate registries and news

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View in a Single, unified platform

See all of the changes to your relationships in a single dashboard - making it easy to stay ahead of risk and confidently move away from periodic reviews

The Benefits Include:


Increase risk awareness of your relationships across teams


Gain confidence that you are proactively, not reactively, managing your risk


Replace manual, time consuming data gathering and improve customer relationships

Our Data Sources Include:

Corporate Registries

PEPs & Sanctions


Proprietary Data

And More

Ready to see what Sigma can do for you? Get started.

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