The world's most comprehensive risk intelligence database for AML, at your fingertips

Sigma delivers the world's most comprehensive set of data for ad hoc and ongoing due diligence purposes. Sigma can shorten data gathering cycles, and provide report extract or programmatic API access to various types of risk data, including Ultimate Beneficial Owner, instantly.


360 degree contextualized insights

Automate your customer due diligence screening and data gathering by accessing thousands of data sources and 360 degree contextualized risk insights in a single solution.

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Access basic and premium data sets

Simultaneously check for standard risk data, such as sanctions, PEPs and adverse media, as well as, premium data, such as UBO, international trade records, offshore leaks and more.



Sigma's data is always growing, and today's clients have instant access to global data, including: watchlists, Sanctions and regulatory authorities lists,  150+ corporate registries, Risk event tagged news in 50+ languages, Sigma's proprietary country risk data,  and more.

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Leverage Sigma’s proprietary derived intelligence

Leverage Sigma’s proprietary derived intelligence, such as shared addresses, shared directors and more, to complement the standard and premium datasets

The Benefits Include:


Fast, targeted searches


Aggregated data, including UBO


Proprietary derived data

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