Programmatically screen and strategically manage AML investigations from a single platform

Sigma aggregates globally relevant risk intelligence data sets and pairs them with AI-derived risk detection capabilities in a single solution - making it easy to establish consistent AML practices, optimize team workflows, and meet the needs of today’s evolving regulatory requirements. Whether you're programmatically screening millions of entities for large scale projects, or optimizing daily workflows, Sigma has you covered.


Growing Global Coverage

Sigma's data is always growing, and today's clients have instant access to global data, including: watchlists, Sanctions and regulatory authorities lists,  150+ corporate registries, Risk event tagged news in 50+ languages, Sigma's proprietary country risk data,  and more.

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Purpose Built User Interface

Designed by due diligence professionalize to maximize transparency and limit time spent searching

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Comprehensive Audit trail

Drill down into data sources, and extract what matters, with a full audit trail of actions taken

The Benefits Include:


Pre-Screen for risk before distributing workload across team in seconds


Encourage teamwork through a single unified system with a complete audit trail


Layer in premium data sets for additional context and more meaningful insights

Our Data Sources Include:

Corporate Registries



Proprietary Data

and More

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