Relationship Management
Screen Thousands of Publicly Available Data Sets and Empower Teams to Successfully Shift to Trigger Based Reviews

Sigma provides automated multi-variable screening and monitoring across thousands of publicly available data sets and over ten thousands news sources that deliver customized categorization and organization of events about an entity to help firms shift from legacy periodic reviews and client engagement to a more proactive, engaging model.

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How to Use it

Sigma Monitoring is configured to assess risk and aggregate and organize data into relevant event types on a per client basis.


Sigma Monitoring screens thousands of datasets, and alerts are customized based on internal rules and requirements for escalation and engagement with a client.

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When combined with internal data sets, Sigma Monitoring provides a complete, living profile of a client and assists firms in confidently moving away from periodic reviews.

Benefits include:

  • Replace manual, time consuming data gathering and improve customer relationships.

  • Awareness is greatly improved when deploying ongoing monitoring

  • Relationships are stronger and client meetings become focused on building better business engagement


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    Trade Data

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    Corporate Registries

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    PEPs & Sanctions

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    And More

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