There’s no such thing as routine risks, so it’s time to go beyond routine periodic reviews

Know that you can have trust in your relationships with ongoing, proactive monitoring. Our machine learning delivers personalized, real-time alerts to keep you informed and ahead of risk, with important flags for financial crime, crucial news, and must-know developments.


Daily Screening of Existing Clients

Sigma screens daily for changes in sanctions, PEPs and news and searches for other changes such as leadership and operational changes.

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Extend Refresh Deadlines

Easily adjust the risk profile of a counterparty by tracking critical changes that occured since onboarding or the last refresh.

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Front-Line Risk Management

Empower the front line to manage their clients with automated trigger event alerts delivered via a daily notification that easily integrates into existing workflows.

Risk doesn’t take a day off. Neither does our proactive monitoring.


Data that is Up to Date & Accessible

Regular searching and updating keeps data current


Reduce False Positives

Customize and get alerted only when you need to know


Consistent View of Risk Across Teams

Events are easily recorded in a counterparty's event log

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