Sigma Ratings Evaluates Compliance-Related Risk

Sigma’s Certified Ratings evaluate an entity by comparing its inherent
risk against its control effectiveness to produce a letter grade. Certified Ratings represent a new standard that creates transparency, builds trust, and attracts investment. Join a growing number of innovative entities around the world who are already benefiting from the rating process.


The Certification Process:

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  • Online Questionnaire with questions about customers, products, internal policies and staffing
  • Document Upload
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  • Sigma Ratings' proprietary model scores questionnaire
  • Data verified by Ratings Analyst
  • 3 interviews between a Sigma Ratings Analyst and the Institution
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  • Receive a Rating and Rating Report
  • Distribute Report to Investors, Regulators, etc.
  • Refresh Annually

Daily Screening of Existing Clients

Empower the front line to manage their clients with automated trigger event alerts delivered via a daily notification that easily integrates into existing workflows.

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Why certify?

Certified Ratings™ come with a full rating report that can be shared with investors, regulators, and counterparties. Build trust, differentiate and gain a competitive advantage through Sigma's Certified Ratings™.

  • 0% Of investors consider a company’s reputation as a critical factor in a decision to do business
  • 0% Of financial services institutions consider conduct risk important when deciding to do business in an emerging market
  • 0% Consider independent assessments when deciding on an investment or business relationship

Work with Counterparties You Trust

Global banks, investors, and regulators are using Sigma. With a Sigma Rating in hand, one can be confident in understanding the risk associated with a counterparty.


Multinational Corporations

Onboarding a new supplier includes unforeseeable risk, especially in opaque markets. A Sigma Rating takes the guesswork out of the equation and provides the necessary assurance to proceed.


Financial Crime Compliance

Best practice requires EDD on all clients in high-risk markets. Sigma allows FIs to allocate diligence efforts more effectively, extend refresh deadlines and understand changes more dynamically.


Investors and ESG

Financial crime, governance, and cybersecurity issues are costing investors around the world billions of dollars. A Sigma Rating allows investors to proactively identify potential risk.

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