Ratings and Terminal

The world is full of complex risk and companies need better risk data on who they are transacting with.
About Our Products
Companies who choose to be rated by Sigma Ratings are in a position to demonstrate the strength of their financial crime compliance controls.

About Ratings
Much like a “credit rating”, a Sigma Rating serves as an indicator of sound risk management and signal of transparency for regulators, business partners and clients. Moreover, ratings provide the Board and Management with assurance over key aspects of their financial crime risk management controls, as well as a benchmark by which to measure effectiveness.

About Sigma Terminal

Proactive companies use Terminal to monitor risks in existing relationships and to see around corners regarding potentially new ones. Similarly, investment firms use Terminal to qualify investment targets, particularly in the fast-growing ESG-space and in emerging markets where alternative data is difficult to obtain. Terminal saves companies time, money, and energy and offers a predictive approach to enterprise risk-management.

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