Non-Customer Investigations
Screen Rapidly and Decide with Confidence

Sigma can be deployed as a ranking and scoring tool at scale to optimize workflows, provide complete entity coverage in sample based investigation approaches, and help drive efficiencies across teams.

How to use it

Sigma Terminal searches and aggregates across 10,000s of data sources in seconds - eliminating the need to search multiple data vendors and open source intelligence tools for information – and giving your team faster-than-ever, unparalleled accuracy.

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Sigma’s Open Search tiers its search results by risk level to highlight the most important risk indicators so you know if further investigation is needed or an issue can be easily dismissed.

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Investigation analysts use Sigma Terminal to interrogate underlying data, reconcile it against findings, and to generate supporting evidence in case management.

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Benefits include:

  • Greater efficiency and accuracy in investigations and due diligence checks

  • Actionable insights for confident decisions

  • Pursue new relationships with confidence and trust


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    Trade Data

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    Corporate Registries

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    PEPs & Sanctions

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    And More

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