Unveiling Instant Detection of Line of Business & Transparency Risk

Time and resource commitments dedicated to manually determining line of business and verifying internet presence of entities and individuals in various compliance and investigator workflows can now be dramatically reduced with the release of Sigma Transparency and Line of Business detection capabilities.   Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of 2 new Sigma Indicators and detection capabilities that can be deployed at scale, help programmatically modernize existing workflows, and further contextualize risk against entities or individuals in a fraction of the time spent previously.

Line of Business: If detected, Sigma is now capable of providing NAICS codes and business descriptions for searched entities for verification and use in internal models and risk evaluations.  If the entity is involved in a cash intensive line of business, Sigma indicates an elevated level of risk for the entity. 

LOB Risk

Transparency Risk: Sigma is now able to provide details of social media presence, website existence, and detection of various types of relevant internet links that might be able to corroborate internet presence.  Details such as addresses, founding date, stock symbol, and more are extracted and Sigma then categorizes the findings, and applies a Transparency Risk level and scoring output. 

Transparency RiskAll of Sigma’s Risk Indicators are available programmatically via API, and are incorporated into our fully audited Sigma Terminal for end-users.

If you would like to learn more about how to incorporate transparency risk or line of business detection capabilities into your existing workflows, please reach out to info@sigmaratings.com


Phil Wittmann

VP of Commercial Delivery, Sigma Ratings

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