Sigma releases new enhancements to its global monitoring capabilities

In our effort to further enable customers to control their own Sigma platform and data experiences, and to support our future vision for ongoing risk intelligence data screening and monitoring, we are excited to announce the release of the following new features which will enable more rapid ROI for our new clients, and give existing ones more control of their usage of Sigma. 

Introducing Sigma Filter Sets: 

Sigma Filter Sets enable teams to create and share filters for specific data sets or risk indicators. Users will no longer need to recreate filters for individual sources, and team leaders will have better control over which watchlists, types of risks, and event types in adverse media are returned.  


Seamless Enablement of Monitoring from Multiple Mediums: 

Users will now be able to enable and engage Sigma monitoring directly via API, bulk upload, or Sigma Open Search.  


Self-Management of Monitoring at Scale: 

Additionally, users will have a dashboard to easily review and control which entities and individuals are currently being monitored, as well as what they are monitored for.  


Audited Alert and Match Review Workflows: 

Easy to use workflows support easy integration of new findings and handling of potential false-positives, ensuring a clean end-user experience and dynamic, up-to-date view of risk on any entity or individual. 


To learn more about Sigma's Perpetual KYC, and AML Screening and Monitoring or to book a demo, please visit our website or reply to this email.


Phil Wittmann

VP of Commercial Delivery, Sigma Ratings

If you are interested in having Filter Sets Enabled for yourself or your team, please reach out to and the team will set up a trial or enable the appropriate permissions for you and provide you with instructions and best practices on how to configure and maintain them. 


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