Reimagining Normal: ESG Priorities Post COVID-19

Virtual Global Roundtable
June 15, 2020 via Zoom

In the wake of COVID-19 and the consequential global financial crisis, we will need to start reimagining the role of business in our global society. Significant changes will become necessary to respond to the new and ongoing economic challenges, as well as increasing expectations of corporations and government to avoid further structural, long-term damage.

While companies have focused on their immediate needs, the crisis has highlighted the importance of, and opportunity around prioritizing and reviewing ESG strategies. Companies now have the chance to gain competitive advantage by proactively responding to pandemic and its aftermath. Even if companies have not addressed ESG matters in prior reports or disclosures, now more than ever they will be held accountable for inadequate disclosures on sustainability and other ESG issues.

Mainstream investors and other stakeholders now look for evidence that companies are focused on the material ESG issues that matter to financial performance, rather than on an ill-defined commitment to “sustainability.” To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.

This Virtual Roundtable was aired live on June 15, 2020, 2:00 PM CET (8am EST) via Zoom. It will provided discussion on addressing challenges after pandemic, recovery of the economy and increasingly growing importance on ESG issues.


  • Gabrielle Haddad, Chief Operating Officer, Sigma Ratings Inc.
  • Dr. Simona Bovha, Head of Division, Advisory, European Investment Bank
  • Drago Kos, President of the OECD Anti-Bribery in Financial Transactions Working Group
  • Aleksandar Rajčević, Business Risk & Compliance Manager, IKEA South East Europe
  • Corinne Lagache, Chair of the Anti-Corruption Committee at Business at OECD (BIAC) and Chair of the International Deontology Committee at the MEDEF (Movement of the Enterprises of France)
  • Dr. Sandra Damijan, Senior Advisory Board Member for Europe, Sigma Ratings Inc., Moderator
  • Tomislava Pribanic, Country Head of Ethics, Risk & Compliance, Novartis Hrvatska d.o.o.
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