Product Update: December 9th, 2020

Sigma releases API to detect and score financial crime risk at scale

Hello Sigma network!

As the year comes to a close, not only have we celebrated being named in the RegTech 100 and winning the 2020 Benzinga Awards Best Data Analysis Tool, we’ve continued to work toward building pioneering technology that changes the way we work everyday. Developed by the combined effort of our team of dedicated engineers and expert analysts we are so proud to be releasing the Sigma Risk API. Check out the features below.

  • What's happening:
    • Sigma’s Risk API provides programmatic access to Sigma’s proprietary risk score, risk category, and underlying data on over 60 risk indicators in a single API call.
    • In < 1 hour, clients can integrate Sigma’s API into their internal environment and integrate Sigma data directly into existing systems. 
    • Sigma’s API output results are easy to manage and come with full documentation.  
    • For clients operating at scale, Sigma’s API response times average below 400 milliseconds for a simple single entity search, and below 4 seconds for broader, second-level screening of all Sigma datasets.
  • Why it’s exciting:
    • Clients can now programmatically score & categorize entities in their reviews, from onboarding to transaction monitoring cases, to optimize antiquated workflows and better distribute case review workload to team members (either by time considerations or case complexity).
    • API users can pre-populate case management tools with programmatically sourced, commonly screened data to accelerate dispositioning and decision making.
    • We are only getting started. We’ve got more exciting developments happening for upcoming releases that includes: additional filtering parameters, news and event log endpoints, and even faster response times. 


For more information about the Sigma Risk API, please reach out to us.


Pete Arnold

Head of Product at Sigma Ratings

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