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We are delighted to announce the release of our upgraded Sigma Open Search capabilities. This release is the result of hundreds of hours of conversations with global banks, investigation firms, and consultancies. The newly released capabilities improve the ease of use and deliver more detailed and interpretable search results on over a billion companies and individuals.  

The key changes can be summarized in 3 areas:

Cleaner, Easier to Read Results & Enhanced Reporting: 

  • A cleaner, more consistently displayed search return across different data categories - enabling easier navigation to decision-critical data points by underlying source type and the ability to more confidently resolve an entity and disposition highlighted risks.

Tab Search

  • An overhauled PDF report extract to give users instant access to the type of data and evidence they need.


Unified Search Parameters & Improved Filtering:

  • Searches are now brought together into a single, unified search bar so you spend less time navigating, with fewer clicks.


  • Search filters have been overhauled and reorganized, making them more consistent with the types of searches being performed by geography and data type.


Embedded Enhanced Search: 

  • Expanded search capabilities throughout our search results, so users can now more deeply analyze results as a search is performed with multiple embedded dirt string searches in different publicly available browsers.

Secondary Search

While this release is a major milestone, we are equally excited about what our upcoming roadmap contains.  Stay tuned!



Tony Lin,

Head of Product, Sigma Ratings

For more information or for a demo on how to use the new features - please reach out to info@sigmaratings.com.

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