Navigating a Growing Risk Landscape: How FinTechs Can Leverage RegTech

The FinTech industry is at a critical juncture. On the one hand, new financial technologies are opening up heretofore unavailable paths to financial inclusion, economic development and more. Nevertheless, there needs to be a balance between these new opportunities and grappling with some of the associated regulatory compliance challenges. 

This whitepaper will explore the following:

  • The rapid evolution of new technologies in the financial industry and the shifting regulatory landscape surrounding them and;
  • How  compliance and AML professionals can strike a balance between existing systems, ever-evolving regulatory requirements and rapid globalization. 

As a company at the forefront of Regulatory Technology (RegTech), Sigma finds it important to have a clear understanding of the developments in the financial industry and how RegTech companies can provide compliance solutions to our clients in light of such changes.

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