Holding Corporations (and Sovereigns) to Account

Why Sigma Ratings?

At Sigma Ratings we are working hard to make financial markets more efficient and highlight those nations and companies that embrace strong business integrity.  The result is a better connected, better working and more open world that utilizes common data to make relationship decisions. 



The FT recently detailed how major investment firms are increasingly holding nations to account using ESG and other integrity-related metrics.  PIMCO, for example, has gone so far as to blacklist entire countries that consistently under-perform. 

“Investment managers, more and more, are using governance metrics and alongside more traditional credit analysis tools to make decisions on whether or not to invest or not invest in a country or a company.”

These fast-moving trends should serve as a wake up call to nations, banks and other companies who want to lead in the 21st century.  Transparency and trust go hand-in-hand. 

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