Smarter, together. Join Sigma's Network of AML and KYC data, integration and service provider partners.

Navigating with limited visibility, you’re either exposing yourself to costly risks, or missing out on potential opportunities. This is why we're proud to be building a network of expert partners across the full risk and compliance spectrum. 


Data Provider Partners

Sigma partners with leading data providers to ensure that Sigma offers the broadest coverage and deepest risk intelligence available on the market today. 


Integration Partners

Enhance your existing compliance technology offerings and streamline your customer experience by integrating Sigma’s KYC and KYB data into your technology via a single API.


Service Provider Partners

Sigma partners with leading consulting and investigation firms to support them in delivering the best technology solutions for AML screening & monitoring, AML investigations, CDD and perpetual KYC to their clients. Current service providers include FiveBy Solutions.


Referral Partners

Resell Sigma's award-winning technology in order to improve and expand your offering. Replace the inefficient, outdated legacy solutions with faster, more accurate and more intelligent insights for your clients. 

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