Finally, a unified view of risk for the modern investigator.

Investigations that previously required multiple tools and countless man hours, Sigma executes in seconds, giving your team faster-than-ever, unparalleled accuracy.

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Purpose Built for the Modern Investigator

Designed by industry experts, Sigma extracts data into actionable insights, tiering issues by risk level and highlighting the most important flags.

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Non-Customer Investigations

Sigma provides a single point of entry for 1000s of data sources to replace the multiple tools and countless man hours needed today to conduct non-customer due diligence in onboarding, transaction monitoring investigations and KYCC.

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Alert Management

Sigma provides automated multi-variable screening, categorization and scoring across 60+ risk factors and commonly used typologies to help compliance teams and investigation firms operate more efficiently, and make decisions more effectively.

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Search & Screen
Country Risk Rating
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Search & Screen

  • Fast, Targeted Searches
  • Minimal Set-Up Time
  • Aggregated Data
  • Proprietary Derived Data
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  • Real Time Risk Alerts
  • Reduction of False Positives
  • Consistent View of Risk Across Teams
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Country Risk Rating

  • Insights on Over 260 Countries and Territories
  • Analytics from Global Industry Bodies & Indexes
  • Dynamic Updates for Accurate Ratings
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We help the world’s leading companies

“Manual, outdated processes simply aren’t enough for modern compliance teams anymore. They need to be investing in tools and technologies like Sigma’s to be able to not only confidently manage risk, but better understand their business relationships and make more informed decisions.”

Stuart Jones, Jr. Founder & CEO, Sigma Ratings

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Any Risk Profile, Including Your Own, at Your Fingertips

In seconds, we collect data from over 100 billion data points to produce a comprehensive risk assessment on any person, company or country.

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