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Leading firms use Sigma's AI-powered platform to identify, screen, monitor and review clients and their relationships against the largest cloud-native risk intelligence database.

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The Mission Critical Risk Analysis Platform 

Transform your compliance team from data gatherers into true risk managers

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Proactive monitoring on a unified platform
Machine learning helps deliver real-time, personalized alerts that keep you ahead of risk for onboarding and ongoing due diligence.
Tailored to fit your unique processes
Datasets, risk indicators and customer filters can be switched on and off as needed for continuous monitoring, without the noise.
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Simplify regulatory compliance
Execute AML, KYC, UBO and supply chain risk processes by relying on Sigma’s vetted data sources, comprehensive risk insights and reports.
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End-to-end relationship management
Search public and proprietary datasets, assess KYC and KYB risk signals, set automated alerts, and pull reports for clear audit trails.
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More inclusive customer base
Assess risk without bias in order to create a fairer, safer onboarding or EDD process that rewards good actors, no matter where they live.
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Risk insights that drive confident decisions
AI-driven analysis of global data set distilled using Sigma’s risk taxonomy to help quantify company or customer risk.
"With the tsunami of global information and the power of AI, Sigma is harnessing both to give companies a smart, targeted and efficient way to manage financial crime and counterparty risk."
Sigma Ratings Testimonial Alison Clew
Alison Clew
Sigma Ratings Board Member
Previously Citigroup Global Head of AML
Deloitte Global AML & Sanctions Leader
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Make Decisions at the Speed of Risk

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Supercharge Your Compliance Operations

  • Screen Clients and Counterparties against integrated global data sets in milliseconds
  • Track changes with Configurable Risk-Based Monitoring across your client base
  • Leverage Deep Risk Taxonomies developed and tested by industry experts and regulators
  • Deploy Sigma’s entity resolution capability to Effortlessly Connect External Data
  • Dramatically Speed Up Your KYC, EDD and alert triage processes from a single platform
The extra info provided by Sigma’s dashboard [is] giving our analysts a tool to ask the right questions to executives and to pick up worrying trends earlier.
Marjan van der Weijden
Global Head of Financial Institutions | Fitch Ratings
Sigma’s product outperforms legacy diligence tools by a mile. The experience is next generation and we’re excited to build on our work with Sigma for years to come.
Brett Manwaring
Managing Director | K2Integrity
Sigma’s platform and team are excellent–couldn’t recommend them enough for any fintech looking to operate globally.
Ido Lagziel
Head of Payments | Fondue

Scalable Pricing for Companies of All Sizes

There wasn't a better way, so Sigma created one.

Consolidated compliance tools and unlimited data sources for smarter risk management. 

Manageable workloads
All-in-one, cloud-based platform speeds up KYCC workflows for efficiency gains
Automate at scale
Reduce manual processes to drive value across your organization
Uncover hidden risks
Access unified risk intelligence that sits outside of your organization
Continuous live updates
Datasets are refreshed multiple times a day to ensure an accurate view of risk

Sigma is the Singular Command Center for Risk Screening and Monitoring

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Sigma vs. Everyone Else 


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Global Watchlists & PEPs

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All-in-one PKYC, KYCC, KYB, EDD, and Investigations

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Unified risk view across disparate datasets

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Built-in intelligence layer for insights at scale

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Daily dataset refreshes with automated update alerts

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Same-day deployment

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Sigma offers a single point of risk intelligence with technology required for expediting due diligence and enabling thorough risk analyses, complete with alert management, onboarding management and relationship management. Sigma has the only platform that can provide a truly comprehensive risk analysis of any person, company or country.

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